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  • Direct water position

    You can't get any closer to the water

  • Great views

    Only 5 m to the water

  • It doesn't get any closer to the water

    Located on the ground floor

  • Comfortable kitchen/dining area

  • Coffee with a view

    For a relaxing holiday

  • Time to relax

  • Bright and friendly

    Located on the ground floor

  • Bedroom 1

    Comfortable box spring beds

  • Bedroom 2

    It sleeps well here

  • Bathroom

    Whirlpool and sauna

  • Pure relaxation

    Infrared sauna and shower

  • Holiday flat Brigantine

    Terrace directly on the water

  • Romantic evenings

    The sunsets are legendary

  • Holiday flat Brigantine

    Closer to the water goes

  • Directly on the water

    Fascinating location

  • Harbour houses at the quay

  • Surrounded by water

    View of the harbour and Schlei

  • Surrounded by water

  • Perfect location

    Directly between the harbour and the Schlei

  • OstseeResort Olpenitz

  • My 8 holiday properties

BRIGANTINE 33: 3-room holiday flat in OstseeResort Olpenitz

  • Holiday flat directly (!) between Schlei and harbour basin, only 5 m to the front and 20 m to the back to the water - with sauna, whirlpool and fantastic view!
    For more detailed information, see below!

  • Ideal for 2-5 persons
    1 living room/bedroom
    1 bedroom
    Bathroom with whirlpool, shower and sauna
    Sun terrace
    Parking space at the house

  • You can bring your own bed linen and towels or rent them from the on-site care service (approx. € 21,-/person)
    Costs for electricity and water according to actual consumption.

  • Other holiday properties:

    17 further holiday flats and houses in the Baltic Sea resorts of Kühlungsborn, Binz/ Rügen and Zingst as well as in the OstseeResort Olpenitz near Kappeln/ Schlei...
    Free periods for all properties

  • Further information:

    Many photos, local information and excursion tips also at and at And especially for finca holidays on Mallorca:


Holiday flat for 2-5 people with an incredible view of Port Olpenitz harbour and the Schlei..

The 3-room holiday flat "Brigantine 33" is located on the ground floor of one of the 9 white "harbour houses on the quay" directly on the headland between the harbour and the Schlei and consists of a spacious living, dining and kitchen area of 26 sqm, 2 bedrooms with high-quality box-spring double beds, a bathroom with whirlpool tub, shower and its own infrared sauna, as well as a sunny south-west-facing terrace with harbour view.

With a size of 78 sqm, the flat is also ideal for up to 5 people.

Due to the special location on the Schleidamm (high quay), the flat has a fantastic unobstructed view both to the south of the harbour and to the north of the Schlei and the lighthouse of Schleimünde, which should be something special on the entire Baltic Sea coast of Germany and even in the OstseeResort Olpenitz itself - not many of the other houses with partly the same architectural style have this view!

The (future) marina is within sight, and the small beach of the OstseeResort is about 400 m away. The long public "Weidefelder Strand" with a nudist area and dog zone adjoins the Port Olpenitz area directly to the south.


You can find detailed information about the new OstseeResort Olpenitz and my other 7 holiday properties on my complete homepage, under or directly here:

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The OstseeResort Olpenitz is still under construction - in 2022/23, the marina will be expanded and more cafés, restaurants and shops will open. There is a large EDEKA supermarket with a posh bistro/restaurant, an Italian restaurant and the first small shops for strolling and shopping in the harbour mile. There is also a playground and an adventure golf course.
Otherwise, the harbour town of Kappeln, 7 km away, is ideal for shopping and strolling.


Remium view to harbour and Schlei

Location and surroundings

Directly on the Baltic Sea in the Eckernförde Bay (Schleswig-Holstein), a new holiday resort with the name "OstseeResort Olpenitz" is being built on the site of a former naval base near Kappeln on the Schlei on an area of fabulous 86 hectares of land and 66 hectares of water and harbour area, which is to become Northern Europe's largest maritime holiday resort - and practically all the holiday properties here are in a location that is unlikely to be found again in Germany on the Baltic Sea, surrounded by water on practically all sides: The Schlei, the harbour basin and the Baltic Sea..

Shopping and excursion possibilities, restaurants, shops, etc. are best found in Kappeln, 7 km away. The infrastructure in OstseeResort Olpenitz with regard to gastronomy, marina, etc. is not yet completely finished. However, an excellently equipped holiday flat in a fascinating location is already waiting for you..

In 2022/23, the marina is to be expanded and more cafés, restaurants and shops are to open. A large EDEKA supermarket with a posh bistro/restaurant and the first small shops for strolling and shopping are located in the harbour mile. There is also a playground and an adventure golf course.

The public "Weidefelder Strand" adjoins the Port Olpenitz area directly to the south and is therefore in close proximity, 3 km long and of good sand quality. There is also a small beach restaurant there, the popular LOBSTER. Cyclists can access the beach free of charge, motorists pay a comparatively small parking fee.

You can find more information about the OstseeResort Olpenitz in general and my 8 exceptional holiday properties there in particular on my overall homepage and/or at


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Occupancy calendar

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Price list

Season from to First night Follow Night Week Min. booking
Zwischensaison 08.04.2024 08.05.2024 82.00 € 82.00 € - 3 Nights
Zwischensaison 08.05.2024 20.06.2024 119.00 € 119.00 € - 4 Nights
Zwischensaison 20.06.2024 06.07.2024 151.00 € 151.00 € - 5 Nights
Hauptsaison 06.07.2024 01.09.2024 196.00 € 196.00 € - 7 Nights
Hauptsaison 01.09.2024 09.09.2024 151.00 € 151.00 € - 5 Nights
Zwischensaison 09.09.2024 28.09.2024 119.00 € 119.00 € - 2 Nights
Zwischensaison 28.09.2024 03.11.2024 129.00 € 129.00 € - 4 Nights
Nebensaison 03.11.2024 22.12.2024 79.00 € 79.00 € - 2 Nights
Weihnachten 22.12.2024 28.12.2024 151.00 € 151.00 € - 4 Nights
Weihnachten/ Silvester 28.12.2024 05.01.2025 196.00 € 196.00 € - 5 Nights
Base price if no season: 79.00 €.
Final cleaning: 110.00 €

Service fee: 24.00 € / Deposit (cash): 300.00 €